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As a busy mom with a bunch of kids, I am most comfortable when surrounded by those age 12 and under. 

Each stage of childhood is so fun, so unique. 


Babies are fascinated with everything. A piece of grass or a gravel rock may be the most interesting thing in the world to them. No matter what you do to distract them, they will stare at it - then try to eat it. They are curious and clever. Shy yet social. 


Toddlers are full of life. They laugh at the silliest things. They run instead of walk. They want to experience everything. They are blunt yet nonjudgemental. Honest and sincere. And they give the best fist bumps. 


Older kids are just like mini adults. They are independent. They are smart. (And mom and dad begin knowing less and less.) They are just starting to truly decide who they are. They are nervous about  school, sports and finding romance. They are a blast to be with. 


If you book a children session with me, expect me to get right down on their level. I want to know what makes them tick. What is their favorite movie? Do they like school? How do they feel about getting their picture taken? I’ll probably ask them a million questions. 


I want them to know that they can trust me and that I truly want to be their friend. Taking pictures doesn’t have to be scary or boring. We can explore and play while we capture their current stage. 

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