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My grandma used to tell me that there’s nothing in the world like a baby. I’ve always loved babies, but I didn’t quite grasp what she meant until I had one of my own. 


Newborns are amazing. They are so pure, so innocent. They have the cutest cheeks, the tiniest toes. 


When you book a newborn session with me, you can expect that I will love and cuddle your newborn almost as much as you do. I’ll swaddle them securely and bundle them tightly so they are comfortable and cozy. 


I’ll take great care to document this new little life. Their mini fingers, their squishy nose. 


I’ll capture it all so you can remember how perfect they came to you. 


All newborn sessions include 2 to 2.5 hours of shooting time. We want extra time to feed, change and comfort your little one if needed. 


Most newborn photos are taken in my home. However, after a lighting and spacing consultation, I may also be able to come to your home for the session. As long as the situation is adequate for taking photos.

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