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Front Porch Project

In order to adhere to the stay-home, stay-safe initiative in my county I paused all traditional photo shoots the end of March.

But I have been able to stay back and snap a few photos of families on their front porches.

They had to adhere to the following rules and sign up at this site.

It was so great to get out, see some of my favorite people and take a few pictures!

I'm still taking requests for other front porch photos. If you are interested fill out this form.

Here are the rules:

1. You have to stay on or near your porch and I will stay on the sidewalk. We must both agree to keep a minimum 6-foot distance.

2. I don't want anyone going to the store to purchase anything for the photos. These photos are to be historical snapshots of what your household was like during the quarantine. I don't want anyone breaking the stay-home, stay-safe order to buy new clothing or props for the picture.

3. You must fill out the photography form below. You will need to provide your email address, phone number and physical address. You must also agree to allow me, as owner of Neverland Photo, to use any photos taken for portfolio work as well as any marketing materials - including Internet and social media - to promote Neverland Photo.

4. I am not charging for these photos, but you must agree to make a donation to fight the Pandemic. You can find information about that on the form you fill out.

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